Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. -Chaim Potok

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. My name is June Chapko, and  I am an Author and Certified Teacup Indulgent, located in San Antonio, Texas. My love for teacups started when I traveled to England in the nineties to attend the birth of one of my granddaughters. I fell in love with the tiny bundle of joy, and yes, with my granddaughter too. Delicate China teacups wrapped themselves around my heart, just as Baby Jessica did.

I love to attend estate sales and search for unsuspecting teacup treasures. When I find one needing a forever home, I begin listening for the story it wants to tell. Teacups will talk if they find a good listener.

I hope you’re a teacup lover (but if not it’s okay), and will return often. My teacups have many stories to share.

Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.
-Frances Hardinge

12 thoughts on “Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. -Chaim Potok

  1. What a great website, June. Did you create it yourself? My husband, who has ALS, is creating a website for a small business here, and it certainly keeps his mind off the sadness.

    Also, you have yet another way to witness for our Lord!

    Congratulations, and may you enjoy this new endeavor!

    Love, Linda


  2. Love your picture, June!
    I look forward to having a spot of tea while reading each posting! Of course…cream must be added to the tea. 🤗A china plate with a scone nestled on it…clotted cream and jam would be heavenly, too. ❤️


  3. Love your blog. See, another thing we have in common… I also go to estate sales here in FL looking for tea cups to add to my collection. I’m continuing from my mom’s precious handful..

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  4. Love your blog! Only one suggestion–the pale pink lettering on the green background at the bottom was very difficult to read. Perhaps a darker color? Red-Hatter red? 😊

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