My Busy Brain

I’ve never understood why great ideas and word treasures come to me when my brain is dealing with business, crisis, and a myriad of things which have to be handled, NOW! It happens when I have no place to jot down notes or I’m exhausted and too worn out to deal with even one more thing.

My brain stays in overdrive far too long during holiday bustle. Parties, planning, and people I want to spend time with fill my calendar. Business, bills and boring paperwork make me weary. My brain gets to a point where it hoards things, filling every nook and cranny of my little gray cells. Those ideas for a great scene in my next book get stuffed behind the reminder to send thank-you cards. A new character gets trapped among the service repair appointments I scheduled. People ask about book three and I respond by pointing to my head and utter, “Next month I’ll get it out of here and onto the page.” I mean it. That’s my plan.

My busy brain really has been working on character development, plot, and scenes. I know how the story begins. Before the holidays hit I listened to the messages I felt were coming from God concerning the next book. I know what He wants me to share with readers concerning legacy, love, and letting Him guide us. I just need to quiet my brain and allow the Holy Spirit to lead me as I create and bring characters to life, and continue down the path He has them on.

Busy brains aren’t always the most productive ones. Occasionally we need to slow things down in order to hear from God. If we don’t do it voluntarily, God may step in and place us in a position where we are forced to look upward. The other day I began feeling like either a cold or allergy attack (drat that cedar), was coming on. Immediately my thought was, I don’t have time to be sick. I took an allergy pill and cut out a few things I had planned. As I write this I’m feeling better. I do believe the Holy Spirit is sorting through my brain and bringing forward, the ideas and character scenes I need to be working on. My cup of tea is at hand and my brain has quieted.

Is your brain racing, trying to juggle everything you throw at it? Maybe you need to slow it down and allow the Holy Spirit to organize things.

4 thoughts on “My Busy Brain

  1. I needed this today. It’s always my attention to put the Word first…right after I let the dog out, feed the cat, heat the water for my first cup….Thanks for the reminder dear friend.


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