My Tea Closet

Recently, I’ve begun moving my assortment of teas from the kitchen into my tearoom. By doing so, I’ve established a “Tea Closet,” of sorts. Having them handy makes choosing easier, rather than searching through my kitchen cabinet. Now I have it all in one place, making it a joy to select a new flavor or brand to try.

My “go to,” in the morning is English Breakfast Tea, but I love being adventurous occasionally (much like reading in a different genre), and choose something different. I find this doable when I have it gathered in one place. My taste buds learn something new when I sample various flavors. It might be a, “oooh, this is smooth and delicious,” or “wow, that’s too wild for me.” But I always learn something.

In my tearoom, across from the table, is my “Prayer Closet.” I found a comfortable recliner to snuggle up in, and I enjoy having my prayer shawl on the arm rest. The shawl was sent to me by my sweet friend, Sam, in Florida. Next to my chair, I keep a small basket which contains items I use during my quiet time with The Lord. A Bible, devotional, my prayer notebook, a gel pen, tissues, stamps and notecards (in case The Lord puts someone on my heart).

When I spend time in my tearoom, I leave changed. While sipping tea and communing with God, my perspective becomes more of His view than my own. The process of preparing my tea, settling into my Prayer Closet, and exploring God’s Word, gives me insight, wisdom and understanding. Often, my response is, “oooh, this verse brings peace to my spirit.” Sometimes, the Holy Spirit convicts me and I’m like, “Yikes! I’m sorry, Lord. Forgive me.” Either way, I’m changed because His forgiveness brings peace into my life.

How about you? There may not be a Tea Closet in your life, but I pray you have and use a Prayer Closet daily.

Tell me how a Prayer Closet might change you!

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