Circle of Friends

In past years I have sent Christmas cards by the armful, painstakingly writing a short, personal note in each one. Our family also received lovely, meaningful cards from many friends, family, and business associates. Through the years, mostly due to the rise in postage, email and other speedy ways of communicating, the number of Christmas cards has dwindled considerably. It’s not that friends have disappeared, but simply because they found better ways to say Merry Christmas.

One group of people still sends me cards with personal messages, and I call them my “circle of friends.” They surround me with love and encouragement throughout the year and take time during the holidays to write heartfelt thoughts in a card, affix a stamp and mail it. You see, they know how much I enjoy receiving cards. They know me! They encircle me with support, lift me up when I’m down, and become my cheerleaders as I plunge into writing another book. This intimate circle of caring hearts commits to pray for me. My first book would not have been finished without their support, and the second one would not have gotten started.

Having a circle of friends means I am part of their lives too. I commit to being there for them as they are for me! How about you? Do you have a circle of special friends in your life? It doesn’t just happen, you must cultivate those friendships. Be the friend to them you want them to be to you.

A circle doesn’t have a stopping point or corner. It keeps going around and around, touching each person. I once used a hoola hoop to demonstrate how a circle of connected people can help and support one another. We joined hands after I placed the hoop over one arm. I told the circle to pass the hoop around without letting go of their hands. The hoop then made its way around the circle as each person maneuvered it over their body, aided by the person next to them. Joined hands manipulated the hoop and one by one, we moved it full circle. We stayed connected even when some had difficulty and thought they couldn’t do it. We finished and held our joined hands high with the hoop dangling on my other arm, having made it successfully around the circle.

We can do the same in our journey through life as we walk the path God has for each of us. Legacy’s Path!


4 thoughts on “Circle of Friends

  1. Wonderful! You are a genius. Thank you.

    “Write injuries in the sand, kindnesses in marble!!” French proverb​.

    Linda Goss



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