Turning Corners

Many jokes and yes, even sermons, have been told since we entered the year 2020. Seeing clearly, having greater focus, and the most common, 20/20 vision, permeates conversations everywhere in regard to goals for the coming months. My journal is no different because I have discussions with God written down where I’ve asked for those very things. We all want to move ahead being able to get a glimpse around the corner of our future days, months and years. We’d like to put things in order, dispose of some, and enjoy our journey.

I couldn’t sleep tonight because my mind reflected on how January has started my year and the shift my life is taking. It seems my corners keep moving. I’m no different from you in watching the kids become adults and their kids growing, then another generation begins. All mine are grown and have adult children of their own, and some have babies as well. As I tried to fall asleep I kept seeing each of their households as a corner of my life. Part of me lives in each corner and will carry on when I’m gone. I suddenly realized while tossing and turning, that they are busy taking care of their todays, trying to focus on their futures just as I did when they were young.

They each are turning their own corners; putting kids through college, building a life, seeing babies being born, and excitedly praying for a glimpse of what’s ahead. I can watch and offer guidance if/when needed, but I must leave them to making their own decisions, setting their lives on a journey they must live. They will be fine because they have the Lord leading them. I believe they are ready.

I look at my corner; my marriage, writing, ministry and where I’m headed. I think about my husband’s and my health, my next book (plus future ones), and how God wants to use me in my church. I’m ready as well. Time doesn’t stand still and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to either. Whatever is around my corner of life will come with God’s approval. Whatever it might look like, God will be there with me. When I’m no longer here I will have left part of me behind.

Are you approaching a corner of life ready for what’s around it? Trust God to guide and help you move ahead.

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