Covered In Love

My breast cancer journey has been one of challenges, surprises, and discoveries. Now that I find myself three quarters of the way through chemotherapy and reflect on the many ways God has tucked me under His wing, I can revel in His protective love. From the beginning I was surrounded with support and nurtured through my haze of anxiety. I have been buoyed by my husband’s strength, encouraged with the love and prayers of family, friends, and yes, even people I’ve yet to meet.

My heart couldn’t comprehend the depth of concern and offers of all things imaginable. Besides my medical team, including a terrific nurse navigator, and a support group friend, God put together an awesome team to ride this roller coaster with me. I wasn’t alone! He provided a vast, worldwide team of prayer warriors, a meal group of awesome cooks, chauffeur, financial assistance, and His own powerful strength.

One thing I began to realize, even with all these resources and overflowing hearts helping, is that each person’s cancer journey is walked individually. Mine is certainly different from every other person. When the door is closed and I’m alone, I’m living it in real time. I cry and question why. When I’m in pain or sick, I get upset. Days that drag when I’m fatigued frustrate me. I want to be done and get on with living my life. But God wants to do something during this journey. He wants me to find joy in the journey I’m traveling with Him. Yes Joy! 

God has given me a devotional book to write during my time going through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. I have found joy every day so far and I know more will be revealed. In the photo above I’m joyful to be covered in love. I have a cute wig to wear, a pretty, red headband from my granddaughter, Harleigh, and a mask and T-shirt designed by my sweet friend, Dawn, at church. The prayer shawl I’m wearing was a gift from another friend, Susan. These gifts are a small sample of many such surprises I’ve received. But the true gifts are not visible because they are in the heart. God’s love sent out through His people covers us when we need it the most. There will be many opportunities for me to send out His love to those going through breast cancer, and I pray that the devotional book He planted in my heart will be the beginning.

6 thoughts on “Covered In Love

  1. Good luck with your journey. You know the people that when you are with them you have to keep a smile on your face. But then there are the people that when you are with them you can break down in a million pieces and they won’t think you are going over the edge. They will just think she needs me to hold her hand today. Sometimes we have to deal with both kinds. But they all bring something to our journey. Sending a hug, RITA


    1. Thank you, Rita, for words of wisdom. I am so blessed because of the many people God has placed around me to hold me together during the challenges I know will come. Many have held my hand and I’ve felt the prayers flow through from their heart. May you be blessed.



  2. June you are an amazing lady in so many ways. One gift God has given you is to write. I love how inspiring you write of I’m sure hard days, weeks and time you continue sharing Gods Joy and his beauty. Praying you through these times.


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