Uncertain Times

This year has proven to be one which will go down in the history books as a year of extremes. The pandemic pulled us out of our comfort zone of social interaction, shopping strategies, and uncertain times. Jobs, education, worship, and entertainment resorted to virtual venues. Medical practices made drastic changes, while people contemplated how to gain access to health professionals and scheduled surgical procedures. Yes, 2020 is indeed a year filled with uncertain times.

Finding out I have breast cancer in the middle of the year has brought uncertainty into my life. In the shock of being told the news my mind immediately began planning what I needed to do in case…. I cried, prayed, and hoped. I want to live out my life according to God’s plan. I want to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren grow, and continue teaching, writing, and sharing Christ.

I was at the place of hope after prayer, when God reminded me that the year 2020, while it is an uncertain year in the minds of men, every year is uncertain. We have no idea what the future holds, or even tomorrow. I knew then that I need not fear whatever lie ahead. There were a few things, however, I could do that would bring peace to my heart and fill me with joy.

First, I must realize that my goals and plans are limited by the fact that I’m human. I think small, sometimes afraid to ask God for too much. If I will accept that realization then I open the door for God to fill my life with His plans.

Second, my expectations for my life are limited as well. I tend to think of what I expect according to my strength to accomplish it. I’ve learned through my cancer journey that it’s not my strength but God’s, that will fulfill the expectations for my life. In just two days I will see my surgeon and she will provide results of my recent MRI. Right now I’m uncertain about what she will see and tell me concerning the next step. I could wring my hands and worry, but it won’t change the results or prognosis. I do expect God to provide the strength for me to go through whatever is necessary to accomplish what He has called me to do.

Third, the most important thing I’ve learned is to believe God’s promises. I’m to study His Word, take the things God declares, into my heart and make them mine. Then I’ll be able to give them out to others going through uncertain times.

Doing these three things will not only help me get through a pandemic, financial uncertainty, and cancer, but also to encourage others through the sharing of what God is teaching me.

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