Vision – November 4, 2018

Recently my husband woke up unable to see out of his left eye. A rush to the eye doctor resulted in a Retina Detachment diagnosis. Surgery to repair is behind us and we continue the lengthy healing process.

Nick is a Master Craftsman. He can look at wood and see a finished piece. Yes, he needs his eyes to work, operate machines, drive, and do everything else a woodworker must do to complete jobs. But, he can see what many others cannot. He goes to a place the eye cannot see. He sees inwardly; the beauty in the grain, the bend in the lumber, and final piece before it’s built.

God gives each of us an inner vision to accomplish things He gifted us to do. I thought about my own inner vision; my ability to see a piece of fiction, the characters, plot and scenes, before they’re written. I thank God for allowing me to see through the written word, a place to guide people to Him.

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