December 10, 2018. Mary’s Journal

This time of year we hear multiple Christmas messages coming out of the Book of Luke. I have read the Biblical account of the birth of our Lord and Savior many times. Awe and wonder, fear and excitement, all hang from my heart like ornaments on a tree. Imagine the thrill of seeing The King as a babe in the manager. I love slipping silently back in time to observe and feel the emotions of those celebrating the birth of Christ.

A verse I love is Luke 2:19, “Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Now, Mary had a lot going on, having given birth to The King and sitting in a stable. She had much to ponder. The thing I love about this verse is she treasured it all. Mary held it close to her heart as she pondered. She didn’t pull her hair out, rant and ask God to find them better facilities.

My version would have her writing everything in her journal while sipping a steaming cup of tea. She would throw a lambs wool covering on her legs and snuggle baby Jesus close, singing softly. Mary’s mind might replay all that led up to this moment, and every detail would be captured.

Much later, after her precious Son is crucified, Mary would take out her journal and re-read her own Christmas story, while allowing her cup of tea to warm her heart and remind her of God’s promises. She treasured and pondered. All these things in her heart.


November 22, 2018. Thanksgiving

Word of Mouth

Last night my 4-year-old Great-Granddaughter, Teagan, did a seven-second video, telling viewers who like to read, they need to buy her GG’s (Great-Grandma), book (which she was holding front and center). My FB friends and followers have viewed and shared the video with their friends and followers. She is adorable and very convincing.

Obviously, she hasn’t and can’t read the book, but she knows/loves the Author and believes what her GG wrote is great. Teagan loves books (which her GG buys for her), so telling others to buy and read them comes natural for her.

Christians have at least one Bible in their homes, and often multiple Bibles in different versions. Some have read it from Genesis to Revelation, but may have limited understanding. They know/love the Author, and believe what the Author wrote is great, so telling others to read it should come natural to them. Providing a Bible for others to read is a wonderful thing to do.

This video doesn’t exist
Word of mouth is how we spread the message of Salvation. One person shares, and it gets passed around. Teagan’s short video may or may not garner many purchasers of my book, but she’s not responsible for that. She merely told viewers about it. They then, must make a choice; buy and read it or not. When we tell people about God’s Son, Jesus, and His plan of Salvation, we aren’t responsible for what happens. They must make a choice; to accept and follow Him, or not.

One day, Teagan will be able to read and understand the book I wrote. It will be a legacy of love from me when I’m no longer here. When she has children she will share her love for the book and Author. Word of mouth is still the greatest way to advertise, and when someone as precious as Teagan does it, you can’t help but take notice. We are all precious in His sight…so let’s share about the Greatest Book in the world…the Holy Bible…and the Greatest Author…God!

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