Time at the Tea Lounge – December 22, 2018

Today I spent a good deal of time at The Garden Tea Lounge in an antique mall, in the hope of getting my book, The Estate Sale, into the hands of many new readers. I set my table up attractively, ordered my cuppa, and took my place at the table. But where were the people? I brought plenty of books but few people were making their way to the back of the mall.

A gentleman and his wife arrived to set up for him to play his guitar. They took their place and he began playing in a classical guitar/flamingo style and it made the sparse line of customers more bearable. His wife was sweet and attentive to her husband…they were both elderly. I put some money in the “tip jar,” she had set on a nearby table.

I began making eye contact with women passing by, then engaged them in conversation (do you enjoy reading, are you an estate sale junkie, etc.). That resulted in some sales, but far fewer than I hoped for.

Finally I packed up, as did the musician, bid farewell to them and tea Lounge staff. On the way home I began praying for each person for whom I signed a book. I remembered each name. I included the musician and his wife, along with the staff, in my prayer. My spirit was lifted and I realized God put me where I would reach the ones He wanted to read my book. I’m thankful for the opportunities He provides.7D5B7A20-6766-487B-AD13-127E6D7585F6

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