Exciting Changes

January 11, 2019

I finally, a little sadly, took down the tea tree in my tearoom. I always have mixed emotions when it’s time to pack Christmas away. This year is no exception. Once the tree was denuded of tiny teapots, teacups and meaningful ornaments from friends, I recovered. I discovered I had room to rearrange and create new cozy nooks for enjoying tea. To do this, I first had to move things out and then bring in tables and what-nots to complete my vision.

The room began to change, I tired at times, but the more I did, the more excited I became. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m enjoying the transformation. I want to give you a peek at one area I completed (although some minor changes could still happen).

Our lives are a work in progress just like my tearoom, except God is the designer. Sometimes areas of our life get moved around, while things in another area must be removed. The good news is that God knows how he desires our life to be and what must be done to achieve it. The best part is that God never gets tired or discouraged. I get excited thinking about what God has in store for me this year and look forward to opportunities He brings my way.

Please come back to visit as I post more photos as the tearoom changes and comes together.

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