Letting Go!

January 18, 2019

I have worked hard getting my tiny tearoom rearranged and set up so I can actually invite a friend for tea. There was excess which made it feel cluttered, so I began boxing things up and creating space. I had to let go of some cute things but it wasn’t easy as a keystroke. When I first started this project, I would move an item to a different place. Then, when I worked my way to that place, I’d move it somewhere else. It finally dawned on me…I was not making progress because I refused to let go of things. I had to change if I wanted this room to serve as a place of solice, friendship and fun.

I prepared a delicious cuppa and sat in the rocker in the corner. I surveyed the room and made notes as I sipped. God joined me. I put down the note pad, leaned back and listened as He reminded me of other things I had to let go of. Things we all have stuffed within us. Unforgiveness, anger, impatience, along with a few snippy words at times. He said those things didn’t belong in any room in my heart, and He would help me let go of them if I would simply trust Him.

I finished my tea, tackled the room again, this time boxing up what needed to be eliminated. I still have more to do but I’m making progress (as you can see in this photo). The same is true with the heart things, I’m making progress, only because God’s Holy Spirt quickens my spirit when I fall back into old attitudes. As I sit in “June’s Tearoom,” this evening, I feel peace. The room seems a place of peace, and so does my heart, simply by Letting go!


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