Full Flavor


I love black tea. I enjoy the full-flavor it yields. My tea pantry contains many brands and varieties, some mellow, others robust, and a couple just so-so. It’s fun to explore the fragrance, taste, and blends of each adventure in a teacup. Some flavors live up to my expectations, some disappoint and then there are those that totally take me by surprise.

The flavor pictured above had me at porch sippin’. Immediately, I was transported to some cottage or cabin by a stream, watching wildlife scamper through the trees, pausing occasionally to stare at me. After brewing a pot, and experiencing the aroma of pecan in the swirls of steam rising from my cup, I wasn’t disappointed. The right tea can do that. Transport you. It’s a state of mind, body, and soul.

When I write, I feel transported into the world I’ve created. I can live temporarily in a place I’ve never been, interact with people I developed, and express myself in ways I never dreamed of. My characters sometimes surprise me and I know then, I’ve written something I’ll be pleased to share with my readers.

One flavor of tea I tried, Sherlock Holmes Smoked English Breakfast Tea, definitely surprised me, but not in a good way. I may introduce one of my male characters to it. There have been times when, after reading out loud, a scene I’ve written, I wonder where my muse disappeared to or what new flavor of tea I drank.

That’s the adventure of the world of tea and writing. I love them both and enjoy the full-flavored satisfaction from a well-brewed cup.


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