Where Do The Characters Go?

After the book’s been read, where do the characters go? As the Author of The Estate Sale, I’ve lived with Emily, Seth, Rita, and the rest of the characters within the pages. After months of watching them interact, go through trials and experience God’s work in their lives, I’ve come to love them all.

They have lived with me daily. I’ve spent some sleepless nights because of decisions they made and I’ve gone through the consequences with them. They’ve caused me to laugh, cry and celebrate as each one turned a corner according to God’s plan for them.

Now that the book has been out almost six months (hard to believe), I wonder, for my readers, where the characters have gone. Do you simply put them on the shelf and forget about them? Are certain characters still roaming around in your mind or heart? I wonder about things like this.

For me, since I’m now about half done writing Book Two in this Legacy Series (which, by the way, has been named, “Legacy’s Path,), I still live with my original characters. A fun part of this is, I created new characters to join them. They live with us too so we’re one big happy family.

I can’t wait for you to meet Greta Thumburg, she’s really quite a character. Sometimes she says things which baffle but make me laugh. I shake my head and wonder if I should step in, but she has a mind of her own. Actually, all my characters do, and that’s why I can’t get them out of my head. When I’m not actually writing scenes, I’m wondering what they’re up to (like when a mom doesn’t hear her little one for a while and knows silence can’t be good). I must check in at the computer regularly just to make sure things are moving along.

I don’t think I’ll ever lose touch with my characters. They are special, heartwarming, and sometimes provoking, but they live with me. I can’t evict them so I’ll give them room. I may have to get my carpenter hubby to add on to the house, but that’s okay.

Where have my characters gone after YOU finished reading the book? Do they still come to mind? Are they roaming around your heart? I hope so. Please leave a comment and share which of the characters you can’t get to move out, and why.

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