My “Go To” Tea


I love many flavors and varieties of tea. It’s interesting to experience various nuances, tastes, and aromas. One year during National Hot Tea Month (January), I sampled a different tea each day. I had so much fun and looked with anticipation toward the next day’s surprise. Some teas were smooth and mellow, while others stalked me all night. One smelled like pipe tobacco and I sampled it holding my nose with thumb and forefinger while sipping. It actually tasted decent once I made it past the smell. Predictably, it isn’t one I restock in my tea closet. Another tea I love is Margaret’s Hope, a Darjeeling. I save it for times when I meet with the Lord to discuss things on my mind. Someone asked me how many types of tea I have. About as many as the hats and books I own, was my answer. I’m really not sure. I love variety. Having confessed to such truth, I’ll add, I also have a “Go To,” tea. It’s one I enjoy in my bird mug first thing every morning. English Breakfast Tea. I believe I’ve tried the majority of its varieties and they are all delicious. My Go To Tea gets me going.

Anyone who knows me well acknowledges my love of books. They reflect many genres. Writers must be readers, so I normally have several books started and stashed all over, including one in my tote. This way, I’m able to make progress on each one, depending where I’m at. Even with books I have a Go To. The Bible. It’s the one I rely on to get me going each day. It contains many genres within the covers. There are even parts where I’d like to hold my nose and avoid the stench of sinful acts recorded by authors inspired by God. I learn from it and each day is an adventure as I read from both the Old Testament and New Testament. They soothe my soul and motivate me internally. Someone asked me how many Bibles I own. I’m not sure. I give some away when I feel led. I have different versions and use the NIV to study. I enjoy reading a passage in several translations. It gives me a broader picture of the meaning.

What is your “Go To?” What do you need daily to function and set things in motion? Let me hear from you.

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