I poured myself a cup of English Breakfast tea, and sat watching the hummingbirds dive, swoop and hover, around the two feeders on our back patio. It’s a challenge to keep them filled, because there are so many fighting for a spot at the sweetened nectar houses. I am entertained for as long as I remain still, undetected and quiet.

I learned that the male is responsible for the “bee-like” buzzing sound while hovering. The female whirring is a bit quieter. They pitch and dive, and emit various squeaks, twitters, and other high-pitched warning sounds. These tiny feathered friends are fun to observe, but they teach things if I watch and listen.

The hovering fascinates me. Suspended in air as they sip nectar quickly, their little wings move twenty-five to fifty times per seconds (some species much more). Hummingbird’s legs are tiny and weak, so they spend almost all their time in the air, resting briefly on occasion. They return often, trusting the feeder will contain what they need.

Mornings when I pour my tea and sit quietly, immersed in God’s Word, I’m learning a hummingbird lesson. I’ve started hovering at certain passages of spiritual nectar, drinking it in. My weakness is strengthened, enabling me to continue the journey God has planned for me. Sometimes I take a quick sip, while other occasions, I linger long. Daily I return to spend precious time hovering, trusting I will receive the nectar I need. The source of my spiritual food is unlimited and always available. I need only to seek it out.

I hope you’ll take time to feed, watch, and enjoy hummingbirds at your house this spring. Delight yourself in their antics. I pray you will, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8

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