Talking About Books


Discovering a good book and reading it begs conversations with other readers. It’s kin to finding a fantastic restaurant; you want to share the news with everyone you know. You mention your favorite item on the menu, the great service, atmosphere and the best time to visit.

With books we happen upon; either accidentally, through advertisement, or by recommendation, when it’s something that touches your soul, changes your life or gives you guidance, you can’t resist telling someone. Such was the case with me and a sweet friend a good number of years ago when she moved from San Antonio to Del Rio.

Deb and I determined to stay in touch and both being avid readers, what better way. We formed our unofficial Duo Book Club. We take turns suggesting a Christian book to read, and then each Sunday afternoon we discuss it over the phone from three till four o’clock. One chapter a week keeps it fresh and relevant. We choose nonfiction books which address areas we want to work on in our life, decide we’d like to develop a better awareness of a topic, or learn a different approach to more consistent spiritual disciplines.

Our talk time begins with a quick catch-up on what we’ve been doing through the week, praises for which we’re thankful, along with current prayer needs. Our book discussion begins with an overview of the chapter, and continues by drawing out specific points we feel are important, profound, or yes, occasionally pointless. Some of our selections have made a huge impression on us, while a few we struggled to get to ‘The End.’

While we strive to connect every week, there are times when we skip due to vacations, illness, or family gatherings. Our Duo Book Club has strengthened our friendship over the years. Through it, we’ve discovered things that draw us closer together. We support each other in many ways not possible without the closeness we’ve developed.

Book Discussion Clubs are fun and fantastic regardless of size. Besides my phone club, there are online groups, and of course, physical groups meeting in homes, coffee shops and libraries. Some read both fiction and nonfiction, while others enjoy fiction exclusively. Some seek out serious reading material but during the summer, they lighten it up with a selection just for fun.

I know of one overseas group (through a friend of my daughter), who chose my book, The Estate Sale, to read and discuss. A friend in California belongs to an online group and will be reading it in August. I also have a friend here in town who is a member of a library group and chose my book for October. She has invited me to be a guest for that meeting. I’m very excited and honored.

Talking about books with others creates windows of discovery about your (and their), views of life, death, and eternity. Start or join a group this summer and see where it takes you. If you’re a seasoned book discussion group member, let me know what you’re reading.

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