Light Bulb Moments

Having been sick for almost three weeks has put me in a position of pause. I reluctantly rescheduled appointments, delayed duties, and missed occasions of enjoyment with family and friends. I pleaded for prayers of healing and restoration of my voice. With my vocal ability on hold, I focused on my manuscript for Book Two in my Legacy Series. Legacy’s Path is coming along with me in the middle of chapter thirteen. I did considerable first aid on this chapter, cutting and pasting until I felt it was right. My characters did their part in leading me in the direction they needed (dare I say wanted?) to go.

Yesterday as I sipped yet another cup of soothing tea and allowed “Seth and Emily” to carry a scene, a light bulb came on. In that illuminating moment, I knew how this book would end. What is more exciting is I also have the framework for Book Three!


In my Bible, I have tiny lightbulbs drawn next to verses where God revealed something important to me. It often indicates a turning point in my thinking, attitude, or actions. I have commented to people about those “aha” moments when I finally can see the direction God wants me to go. I like to color yellow rays of light in my journaling. It helps me catch the thought and explore it more fully.

I find in my writing, when I allow the characters to speak, and we work in tandem, things flow easier. If I interject my plan on them, it usually ends up needing first aid. In my spiritual life, writing my own life script apart from God never fares well. He then steps in when I cry out for help. He is The Author and Finisher of my faith, and a much better writer than I ever hope to be.

Have you experienced light bulb moments? Please stay and share, I’d love to hear about them.

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