Friendship Shockwaves

News of the earthquakes and aftershocks in California this week, brought fear and a state of emergency. Tremendous damage followed each quake, along with numerous injuries and property loss. Prayers continue for recovery and restoration as people attempt to deal with the situation.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had shockwaves hit concerning my friend, Patsy. I received a late night call informing me she had a stroke and was in the hospital. The test results determined she had a TIA (transient ischemic attack), which could mean a future stroke may happen. She seemed okay and was released from the hospital.

On the evening of July 3rd, 2019, another call came. Patsy had a stroke and this time was unresponsive. Immediately my friendship years with Patsy played in my head. The laughter we’d shared, retreats we attended, our shared worship at church, and fun times in our Red Hat gatherings. I saw scenes of holiday and birthday celebrations, road trips and chats at Starbucks. I suddenly feared our times of making treasured memories had crumbled.

Have you ever experienced a threat to a dear friendship? Fear, anxiousness, tears, prayer, hope…? All the emotions which are buried in our being, seem to rise, rumble and crack open our little world. A state of emergency describes what happens when we continue to focus on our emotions, our friendships, and how it will affect us. We care deeply, love strongly, and wait impatiently. We want things to be as they were, without disruption. Normal.

I went to the hospital and was devastated at the sight of my sweet friend. Eyes closed, she seemed to be fighting an internal struggle (which indeed, her brain was). Uncontrolled flailing of her right limbs in contrast to her silent left, gave me a glimpse of the road ahead. Would Patsy have paralysis on that side? How would she handle it? My heart was breaking as I gazed on the outside of my friend being held captive inside. Please, God. That’s how we regain our balance when shockwaves hit, and life as we know it starts fracturing.

Please, God. Bring my Patsy back. If she can’t be the same physically, make it okay for her. Help us move forward, discovering new ways of communicating, sharing, and deepening our friendship. Allow me to help her pick up the shards and fit things together for her.

Earthquakes and aftershocks continue in California even today, and experts say residents may expect the same for a long time to come. A new normal may need to be decided upon. How each person deals with it will differ. Hopefully it will begin with, Please, God.

Yesterday when I saw Patsy, she briefly, at the mention of her name, opened her eyes and said, “wow.” She then closed them and went back to her inner zone. I felt God had winked and hope came down. The doctor acknowledged we were in a holding pattern, a waiting game. His words were, “she’ll wake up when God brings her out.” Until then we pray…please, God.

4 thoughts on “Friendship Shockwaves

  1. June, I’ve been following your posts for several months and don’t usually respond, just a “like” occasionally. But news of Patsy’s illness made me step back and do some thinking myself. Our friendship is one of those that when we meet again it will resume where we left off. Life can take some sudden changes—I’m well aware, as I experienced that in the sudden illness and loss of Eugene in 2017. Then in 2018 with my accident that set me back a year. The main purpose of my post now is to say I’m really proud of you as you’ve pressed on with your writing and finally achieved your goal—a goal that has actually just been a launching pad. I haven’t read it yet but do plan to get my copy soon. I look forward to reading of further successes.
    Patsy’s name will go on my rotating prayer list. And we all need to remember daily to stop along the way to utter our own “please God”.

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    1. Thank you for posting, Jean. When you lost Eugene, my heart broke for you. I was so proud of how your faith and trust in God in the midst of your grief, gave testimony of His power to carry us in our time of need.

      When you were my Sunday School teacher at Brookhill, I observed first hand how your faith for Eugene’s Salvation would (and did) become a reality. You gave me encouragement to remain steadfast. When God is part of a friendship, it is a lasting thing. Our lives take us in different directions, but the friendships we form remain intact.

      Thank you again for posting. I love knowing that something I’ve written has stirred a heart response. I feel it in your words and I’m blessed. Thank you again for your ongoing prayers for Patsy, also for her husband, Rex.


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