In my book, The Estate Sale, there is mention of an Inglenook, which is a recessed fireplace. The Old English word comes from ingle, which means fireplace. I happened upon it during the course of writing this unique story, and it surprised me, there were so many versions of such a nook. I wanted an exceptional design which would fit the home in my story, so I poured over Pinterest pictures, architectural drawings, and even tried my hand at creating one (scratched that idea quick). When my eyes landed on the picture you see here, I knew it was a perfect fit.

As you can tell, the space in the nook is perfect for reading your favorite novel (Emily chose a Jane Austin book), or spending time in the Scriptures. One might sneak in a short nap under a lap quilt, or simply sit and ponder. I visualize myself there. A fire crackles as I figure out the next scene in book two, while I sip a cup of Rita’s favorite tea. I have a small tray of snacks, such as English scones with jam and clotted cream, or perhaps wheat finger crackers and blue cheese. Then it’s back to reality and I’m transported back in front of my computer, listening to my characters tell me what to say. My Inglenook retreat is over.

I’ve discovered though, when I delve fully into what I’m reading or working on, I emerge more knowledgeable. If I devote myself to meditating on God’s Word, allowing the Holy Spirit to transport and guide me along the path, then I come away wiser, with more understanding than before.

I’ve learned that what I feed and devote myself to, will fuel me. My desire is to follow Jesus and serve Him. The more I read His Word, study it, and take it into my heart, the wiser I’ll become, and have more understanding of His plan for my life. I’ll be more available for God with an open heart, and have a willingness to leave what I’m doing and follow Him.

How about you? Do you have an Inglenook where you can retreat to? Where is it? What is your favorite use of the time spent hidden away?

4 thoughts on “Inglenook

  1. I’ve had one sip of coffee this morning in front of my fireplace which is off in this Texas heat. Thanks for introducing us to an Inglenook and sharing how you receive inspiration for such amazing stories.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I often get inspired from seeing pictures of places I might never visit except through books. Sometimes they become journaling prompts.

      I’m glad your fireplace is off. I wouldn’t want you melting!


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