Teacup Treasure

Often, when I sit quietly with a cup of tea, I share my anxieties with God. When a pressing problem hits and I find myself trying desperately to resolve it (unsuccessfully) on my own, I prepare my tea, pull out my Bible, and grab my journal. Realizing I’m powerless to change, fix, or dissolve the problem in my own strength, I turn to the only One, who does have that kind of power.

Every Scripture in the Bible is a treasure by virtue of the fact that it’s God’s Word. But, there are times when God speaks clearly and gives me a Teacup Treasure; a sip of Scripture to hit the spot and lift me up.

A few years ago, I received such a Treasure from God during a time when my anxiety over a problem was almost overwhelming. A solution was out of my hands. I had been in a fearful state of worry and felt desperate because I couldn’t fix it. Sleep was far from me without hope of appearing anytime soon.

I was crying out to God for help (He had been waiting, I’m sure), when I began reading Psalm 4:8. “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone, O God, make me dwell in safety.” I reread the verse several times and even wrote it on an index card to keep by my bedside. It became the last thought in my head which enabled me to fall asleep peacefully. I committed this verse to memory, but still keep the card on the nightstand as a reminder of where I dwell.

You see, the only place I can safely dwell is in God’s presence. Yes, I know He is always present, but I must place myself in His loving, protective arms instead of stomping off on my own. Settling in with God is where I dwell safely, especially at night when destructive thoughts seem to roam.

I have shared Psalm 4:8 with many people, and I know they have been helped so much, that they have shared it too. A lot of people think they can’t memorize Scripture, so writing it on a card and displaying it by your bed may be helpful. Make it the last thing you think and say before going to bed. Focus on the One who holds you safely through the night. Enjoy your own Teacup Treasure tonight.

2 thoughts on “Teacup Treasure

  1. I had an overactive brain last night that kept me awake until the wee hours. I’m writing that verse on an index card for my bedside table as soon as I complete this comment. Thanks, June.


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