Paper Piecing

I am excited and thankful for the time I’ve had with one of my daughters. Kathleen currently lives with her family in Saudi Arabia, but they were here on summer vacation until today, when she had to return home. During our time together we created memories which will last. One of the highlights of having her close is that she taught me a method of quilting I have longed to learn, but was afraid to attempt on my own. It’s called Paper Piecing.

Kathleen teaches it when she’s in Saudi and she is a very talented quilter. I certainly realize how blessed I was in having a private tutor. She patiently repeated directions, bailed me out when I joined pieces incorrectly, and volunteered to rip out some of my mistakes. She taught me how to fold on the lines in the right direction, and gave me homework to do until the next day. It took nine days to complete Snowman Sam, and I must say I’m proud of how he turned out. The pattern was not a beginner block. With over eighty pieces, he was quite the challenge.

Given my age, I feel I have strengthened my “little gray cells,” and developed confidence to tackle the rest of the blocks and complete the winter quilt. This was important to me. I feel somewhat like Snowman Sam with all those many pieces. God knit me together in a perfect way, each part folded correctly and placed exactly where it needed to go. My life as I see it looks a mess, just as the back side of Sam’s block. Looking at the front is like seeing me through God’s eyes. I messed up a lot while paper piecing this block. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life as well. Kathleen helped me correct the paper problems, but God is the only one who can help me with heart problems. He pieces me together, removing what shouldn’t be there, teaching and guiding me, so I am able to fulfill His purpose for me.

Another benefit from learning to paper piece is now I see more detail. This method shows enormous detail, more than in other methods of quilting. I also see more detail in how God wants to use me to help guide others to know Him better. I have much homework to do; Scripture to study, prayer time to dedicate, and becoming more teachable. It’s worth the effort.

Is there an area in your life you may need to step out of your comfort zone? A process to learn? Post your comments here and let’s talk about these areas.

5 thoughts on “Paper Piecing

  1. Oh June, I love this. I can totally relate to the miracle of God putting all our pieces in order. I’m trying to figure out which of your characters in the series is going to do paper quilting.


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