A Blend of Emotions

Book Two of my Legacy Series is finished! YAY! It was a joy to write, although I must admit to bouts of obstacles and setbacks during the process. My muse became frustrated with me I’m sure, when I became distracted and avoided putting myself in front of the computer. Isn’t life like that? We often know what to do but we avoid placing ourselves in the place we need to in order to do it.

I’m such a blend of emotions when I write. I begin with high enthusiasm, pouring myself into story, ignoring housework and unpleasant tasks. My muse prods easily, filling my creative spirit with scenes and solutions. Then life happens!

A friend has life-threatening strokes and story stops. All attention is turned toward standing in the gap for someone you care deeply about. Hours pass in the hospital waiting room, bedside, and prayer. Story doesn’t matter.

My husband develops a heart condition which may be corrected through shocking his heart, and then is hit with a serious skin infection turned septic. Either situation could have taken him. Days pass commuting to and from the hospital three times a day for eight days. Story stops. He is all that matters.

My friend is making progress as she receives several different therapies several times a week. Story resumed with renewed passion only to have those emotions poured into lives of the characters. My muse collects bits and pieces of what I experienced and saved them for when I returned to story.

My husband’s heart shock was successful, returning his rhythm to normal. The antibiotics did their job as prayers were answered and healed his body. The blend of emotions I experienced flowed from my heart onto paper into story.

This book is finished and hopefully will be in readers hands soon. It’s in the editing phase for now, I wish sometimes I could put my life in an editing phase, preventing errors, reworking scenes, and taking out unnecessary words.

The truth is; life happens in real time and the errors, clumsy scenes and unnecessary words are how we mature, and become better equipped for future trials. I pray the ending of Legacy’s Path illustrates this truth.

6 thoughts on “A Blend of Emotions

  1. Hello June. I am glad things are improving with your husband and friend. Congratulations on completing your book. I pray things settle down and you can rest as the holidays approach.
    God bless,

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  2. I really enjoy your teacuptreasures. It gives me a moment to stop and think about what is important in our lives. Faith, family and friends. I love them all. Now, I better get off of this iPad and get my clothes ready for church in the morning. Thanks for the brief stop. Ritatea

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