Growing up I never liked taking tests in school, especially in math. no matter how long or hard I studied, when it came time to test I would freeze. A knot would form in the pit of my stomach and my mouth became a desert.

My reaction to taking tests continued throughout school. I finally received a diploma (GED), 33 years after dropping out of school in my junior year, but my aversion to those pesky tests stayed with me. I envied kids who breezed through them, received high scores and made the honor roll consistently. I admire older adults who return to get a degree, knowing tests were in store for them. Getting my driver’s license was a traumatic event in my life. Sure I passed after two attempts, and I’m a good driver, but the written test was my nemesis.

Now in my seventies, and having been a Christian a good number of years, I am truly aware that testing is something I can’t get away from. God tests His children. He’s not so much concerned about the circumstances we face as He is about our response to it. When life happens in the form of crisis in our family, on the job, or with our health, the way we respond reveals how much we’ve learned from God during our walk with Him. Recent events the world is dealing with, namely the corona virus, feels like another test to me. The knot in my stomach appears when I think of my family overseas being quarantined due to someone in their compound testing positive. My mouth goes dry remembering my two new great grandbabies born just two months ago and so susceptible to germs. I remember God’s command to be strong and courageous, and His promises to never leave me. He’s watching for my faith response to trust him with those I love so deeply (I am). He’s teaching me to replace fear with faith, terror with trust, and panic with peace…His peace (which drives out fear).

We have no idea how long this virus will linger, who or how many will contract it, or exactly where it will show up next.

Today I choose to trust and conduct my life by faith in a God who loves me more than I could ever hope to be loved. Today I choose to pray for those who have been stricken, caregivers, and first responders. I will pray for my family and friends, and stay in the Word, resting on His promises. As I sip my tea, I’ll pray to pass the test of choosing what is best…trusting God!

2 thoughts on “Testing!

  1. This is exactly what I and so many others need in these days. Thank you, June, for sharing words to comfort and encourage us so that we can come along side others who need God’s comfort.


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