Six Foot Rule

Life as we knew it just a month ago has taken on a new normal for not just our country, but around the globe. Shutdowns and restrictions have thrown states, cities, households and daily activity into chaos. Something I never dreamed I’d experience is seeing churches close and turn to online streaming of their services.

The most common evidence of change comes with a six foot rule. Television reporters and anchors allow distance between them and everyone is advised to do likewise. Now that we have a mandatory stay home ordinance (with exceptions), I’ve thought about the six foot rule in a completely different perspective. I wonder how many people have been distancing themselves from God before the Coronavirus made an appearance. Have we instituted a spiritual six foot rule, holding God at bay unless we find ourselves in need?

This morning in my quiet time, I realized my mind and thoughts have focused more on the physical restrictions imposed on me, and I’ve allowed current political rhetoric to steal my peace. My spiritual pulse was being threatened by marathon television reports, negative social media, and lack of human connection. This morning I broke the spiritual distancing and brought God close. I felt His presence, His touch, and the breathing of His Holy Spirit.

Right now it is necessary to be cautious and we must practice preventative habits to help us stay healthy even in our own homes. We clean doorknobs as well as countertops, and wash our hands repeatedly. Let’s also remember to practice spiritual closeness with God. Read and memorize Scripture, spend additional time in prayer, watch your church service online, and keep a thankful journal.

We will emerge from the virus restrictions and when we do, our spiritual condition can be stronger if we don’t keep God six feet away.

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