All Alone Together

In a recent conversation with my college student Granddaughter, Harleigh Garcia, we talked about being sad that she was alone (not with family), with her dog, Astro, in CA for Easter this year.

I mentioned that Grandpa, Chai and I were alone in Texas, and her parents/brother were alone in Saudi. She sighed and said something I consider very profound for a soon-to-be senior college girl. She remarked, “Yes, we are all alone together.”

A pandemic keeps us physically distanced right now but the Lord Jesus binds us together. We may not be able to gather together physically but in our aloneness we are connected by the cross. During the quarantine time imposed on us we can heart-tag our loved ones living across town, out of state or overseas. Because we have the Spirit of God living within us we’re never really alone. Our separation from family and friends will soon be over and we will return to family gatherings, vacations, and celebrations. The best thing to remember right now is that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:35-39). He is always with us wherever we are!

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