In the Right Hands!

My daughter, Kathleen, has quilted a myriad of quilts through her adult life. An assortment of fabric pieces in an array of colors and shapes, gets transformed into a quilted story, treasured keepsake, and work of art. Her perception of light, hues, and arrangement, lends depth to her projects, turning them into beautiful masterpieces.

Kathleen quilts for pleasure not money. She has never sold a quilt, but has generously made and given away her works of art. Her children and husband have also been recipients of her talent. She has taught other children basic quilting, thereby passing on this classic craft to future generations.

Whether it’s pieces of fabric or the pieces of our lives; when we put them in the loving hands and control of someone proficient in putting them together perfectly, the result is a thing of beauty.

A pile of fabric scraps looks hopeless to someone without sewing capabilities, and certainly many such heaps get tossed out, given up on, and seen as useless.

A person’s life, when wrong choices were made, indulgences promoted, or addictions encouraged, may look hopeless to those around. They may be ignored, shunned, or given up on and seen as losers.

Just as a seasoned quilter can turn scraps into treasures; God can take the seemingly useless pieces of a person’s life and create a new life, through the power of His Son, Jesus Christ. He looks at the pieces we have scattered about and sees a finished piece that delights Him. When we hand those odd-shaped shards, those worn out areas, and faded dreams, He holds them, forgives us, and transforms our lives according to His purposes. God doesn’t charge a price, He lovingly gives us Eternity with Him as a gift.

Those who received a quilt from my daughter, are grateful for the gift she gave out of love. We should be grateful to God for the gift He gave because of His unconditional love for us. Will you accept the free gift God offers you? He paid the price for it…He gave His only Son so that we might have eternal life.

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