Takin’ It Back!

There is a popular Christian song that refers to taking back everything that the devil has stolen. Some of the lyrics mention Scripture from John 10:10 (steal, kill, destroy), indicating that the devil is the one Jesus is talking about in that passage. He’s not. Jesus was referring to the false prophets of the day. While I love the song and know that Satan does steal from us, I realized that too often, Christians leave their door unlocked; allowing a thief easy access to the treasures God has provided for those who love Him.

Busyness robs us of intimacy with the One who loves us so much, He took our place on the cross. I think about the way we fill our days so full, there’s no room for time alone with the Lord, or flexible days to minister to others.

We are robbed of the peace Jesus offers, when we choose to spend countless hours worrying over something that may or may not ever come to pass. Stress levels rise, health is affected, and relationships can suffer. Guard your peace by giving your worry to the One who has the solution.

Can our faith be stolen? I believe it can. When we follow after those false prophets, we open the door to thieves with deceitful motives, who launder our minds with counterfeit ideas. Know the truth of God’s word. If you know the truth you will recognize the counterfeit!

A friend whose car was broken into recently said, “Thieves are everywhere!” That may be true, we live in a fallen world. But we have a God who is everywhere. We can turn to Him and take back our overloaded calendars, have our peace restored and find the truth that sets us free! How? By pursuing Jesus! Allow Him to plan our days, give Him our burdens, and study God’s Word with a passion. Take back what has been missing and see how different your life can be.

One thought on “Takin’ It Back!

  1. Wow, that hits home, June. AND so true. I’m guilty. I have a lot on my calendar and the busyness becomes not so enjoyable sometimes. Seems like even when I’m not going somewhere I’m still totally busy taking care of things at home! I’m glad God is patient and forgiving and always has time for me!

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